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Summary of FEXT AMA with EPID community

The summary of the FEXT AMA done with the EPID community on December 18, 2020.The following were the questions asked by Grunt- the community founder and anwered by Anton- Cofounder of Furionex. Grunt asked: Can you give a brief introduction of what Furionex is?What is it aiming to do, and what it intends to solve…



Furionex is launching staking for its TRC10 Token- FEXT. All buyers of FEXT will receive a certain amount of Tron per month as a reward for holding FEXT. This staking reward only applies to buyers. FEXT holders from airdrop will NOT be benefiting from this. This staking reward will be paid for 3 months with…



Phase 1 development of our exchange website is already underway by the software engineering firm- UNICUS ENGINEERING. Find more about UNICUS at . The exchange development will run concurrently with the token sale.Meaning, the exchange development is not dependent on the token sale. Check out our FAQS for more answers to your questions.